The first grant was made by the Trust to the Bierton Parish council for the installation of defibrillators at Jubilee Hall and The Sports Hall at the Recreation Ground... more

Coronavirus Hardship Fund

To help those left short of cash as a during the covid lockdown the Trust made £500 available per household available to help those suffering a financial impact or waiting for government funds to be processed.

Bierton School Digital Whiteboards

The expansion of Bierton School provided funding for digital interactive whiteboards for the new classrooms. Unfortunately this left some of the older classrooms without the same level of equipment. The Trust provided a grant for eight new digital whiteboards to ensure that all classrooms were fully equipped with... more

Student Grants

The Trust offers a grant of £700 per year to residents of Bierton & Hulcott who are pursuing University, Apprenticeships or other further education studies.  Since 2017 over 140 grants have been made, making student finances a little easier to manage.

Bierton Pre School

The Trust funded a significant project to build and equip a secure and safe outside play area for the Bierton Pre School.

Bierton School Library

Bierton School wanted to re-model the school library but was short of central funds to support the project.  The Trust provided a grant to help provide a flexible and easy to use environment for both pupils and staff to enjoy.

Hulcott Village Green

The verges of Hulcott village green were suffering near the church where they were being used for parking. The Hulcott Parish Council received a grant from the Trust to install a reinforced mesh that would enable the areas to continue to be used for parking without damaging the grass.

Individual Grants

The Trust has made many grants to individuals who have specific educational, training or hardship needs. These have included volunteering trips, study field trips, educational equipment, apprenticeship tools and vocational courses. If you feel that you might qualify for an individual grant please complete the grant application form.

Bierton Church Clock

The Bierton Church clock was originally provided to the church through a generous donation from Mike and Claire Griffin when they were alive.  The Trust continues that support through a grant to maintain and repair the clock at St James the Great Church, Bierton.

Bierton School Mud Pie Kitchen

With the expansion of Bierton School, the Forest Schools experience was in need of additional equipment. Alongside FOBS, the Trust contributed towards kitting out the new Mud Pie Kitchen!…